** I provide a completely safe experience **

The adventure of discovering each other

Lunch/Dinner - 850: 2 hours of dining + 2 hours of private time 

Afternoon / Evening (6 hours total) - 1400: Outing of your choice 2-3 hours + 3-4 hours of private time

Overnight(12 hours) - 2500: Outings + private time with a minimum of 4-6 hours of sleep depending on length

*250 each hour of private time after first 12


Full day(24 hours) - 4000: Outings + pirvate time with a minimum of 6 hours of sleep

A Break from the Real World (48 + hours in Montreal) - Contact me for details: Outings + private time with a minimum of 6-8 hours of sleep per night  

Ottawa/Toronto - incall

90 min: 650
2 hours: 850
3 hours: 1250

+50 for outcall.

Vancouver - incall

90 min: 700
2 hours: 950
3 hours: 1400

+50 for outcall.


Packages: Please inquire about touring prices on my listed packages. 


Fmty RatesPlease contact me to discuss details of the trip.

Donation & Etiquette 

Donation is to be placed on the counter in an unsealed envelope at the beginning of our rendezvous. If we are meeting in public then please hand it to me in a book, or in a gift bag.

All fees are for my time only.

Hygiene - Good hygiene is very important to a mutually enjoyable encounter. My Incall location is fully equipped with everything you could possibly need in order for you to take care of everything upon arrival.

Mutual Respect - I understand that sometimes life happens and things will need to be cancelled or postponed. All that I ask is that you let me know in a timely manner. I will confirm with you the day before our meeting(via e-mail and text), and if I have not heard back from you by three hours before our meeting then I will have to consider the meeting cancelled.

Repeated incidents such as this will result in my no longer booking meetings with you. 
*Deposits are to secure the booking, and are non-refundable. If you wish to reschedule it can be applied to the new booking. A second cancellation will require a new deposit to reschedule.

I reserve the right to end a rendezvous at any point if I am feeling uncomfortable.

I do not work by a list of acronyms. Our chemistry is key. Compensation is for my time and time alone. Please do not contact me asking if I do x, y, or z. You will be ignored.

Short Adventures


60 minutes: 350

90 minutes: 500

120 minutes: 650

3 hours: 950

4 hours: 1250


Outcalls downtown Montreal: +50 

*Outcalls are to select Hotels in the Montreal area and are a minimum of 2 hours.

Couples: +100(per hour) - 90 minute minimum

Social Outings: 120/hr​​


Minimum 24hr notice for bookings.


COSPLAY* - Incall Only
Jughead Jones(Riverdale) - 800/90 min
Thor *work in progress*- 900/90 min

*Subject to change. 90 minute minimum due to the time that goes into getting ready. 
** All character requests are considered once we discuss supplies and time frame. 


Nrrd Grrl : 800 - 3 hrs

Feel like binge watching your favorite show or handing me ass in a particular video game?! Do you have too many MTG decks and no one to play with!? Come at me bro. Nerd out with me. Stuff your face with me. Let's get down with our bad selves and see where it takes us ;) 
* Note that I currently only have an xbox 360 at my disposal. Any other console and accompanying games will need to be provided .*
* Minimum two hours will be dedicated to gaming, tv series, or a movie