While gifts are always much appreciated they are never required, nor are they expected!

That being said, I am currently downsizing my entire life to move across the country, so while gifts are much appreciated, a gift card would be much better at this time.


Once I move I will need everything from clothing to furniture to utensils. Go nuts!

Books: For some reason I have a much easier time siting down and reading books that are gifted to me! I love when people recommend a book they love, regardless of genre. 

Comics: Same idea as books. Share what you love with me! I will give anything a shot. 

Green: Hehehehehe. Just yes.

Gift Cards: I absolutely love gift cards. I really do. La Senza, Victoria's Secret, Michael's, Omer Deserres, Tim Hortons (I'm not kidding) - I'm probably never going to be upset about a gift card.