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I'm usually absolutely wretched at writing these things, but how about I start by introducing myself. My name is Ollie and I am so excited to meet you!


I am one of those girls that people tend to perceive as intimidating and "bad-ass" at first glance, but that misconception is quickly forgotten once they hear more than two words come out of my mouth. In reality I am actually just a teeny bit shy, some might even say I am a bit awkward (Okay I'm actually painfully awkward but at least I provide laughable entertainment!).

Aside from my obvious social awkwardness, I am also what most refer to as a geek, but I like to say adorkable. I love the fandom culture and community but my passions aren't limited to geek culture. I'm also very enthusiastic about learning.


Although I am currently taking some time off from school, it is very much something I can't wait to get back to. In the mean time I satisfy my need to learn through the people that I encounter. I believe that I stand to learn something from everyone that I meet. 

**I was diagnosed with Alopecia in 2019. My hair is currently growing back in, but there is always a chance I will have to shave it again without notice**


**Non-Tobacco smoker**

** I provide a completely safe experience **

Je parle aussi en francais, mais c'est pas la meilleure. Je suis toujours ouvert a parler en francais, mais c'est ca vais etre plus comme du "frenglish"



Please don't hesitate to ask or share anything, I am very open to requests.


Most importantly, Han shot first. Don't ever forget it .